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Relying on its precision computer spring making machine, CNC lathe making machine and interface equipment, and combining with its rational process control and strict quality control system, the Group can produce precision springs, lathe units, buckles, touch-sensitive pens etc. These products can be extensively used in the following items: camera, electrical appliance, computer and its auxiliary products, PDA, communication equipment, recorder, switch, stationary, toy etc. The quality of its products is excellent and can meet the demands of all the customers at home and abroad.

The Group improves the quality of its products constantly and has brought in high precision CNC STAR lathe making machines from Japan. With precision instruments, the Group can deliver customers with products of high quality.
pressure spring 25000 70000 50000 180000
torsion spring 5000 10000 7000 29000
tension spring 5000 10000 10000 30000
wire forming 12000 30000 20000 72000
CNC lathe units 2000 5000 7000
CAM lathe units 20000 10000 30000
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